Hockey Habits

The Four Roles in Hockey

Hockey revolves around four fundamental roles. Success is determined by how quickly your players and team can transition between these roles. 

Below are the habits and concepts needed to support these four roles. By emphasizing these concepts and not SYSTEMS, we get our players to think about the game differently and move from playing a position to playing positionally. 

Offense with the puck

Offense Away from the puck

DefenDing The Puck Carrier

DefenDing Away from the Puck


Seattle Junior is committed to creating transformational experiences for all players, coaches, and families through the game of hockey.


Our goal is to expand what you think hockey can do for you by executing player-centered hockey development, instilling leadership skills, and cultivating deep-rooted relationships within our community.


Mindset: When we work hard, we improve. Education: When we learn, we grow. Trust: When we believe, we succeed. Safety: When we respect the rules, the game, and other people, we thrive.